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“Greenwich‘s Best Children
Martial Arts Classes Go Far
Beyond Kicking and Punching”

Our children Martial Arts classes in Greenwich, CT are focused on character development, physical fitness and self defense, rather than fighting.

The primary goal of our Martial Arts for kids classes is to build a child’s self confidence (become a “karate kid”).

Our Martial Arts training emphasizes encouragement and positive correction and we work hard to ensure all students are treated with dignity and shown respect.

Benefits include:

Increased self-esteem, competency in self defense,
better concentration, greater
self discipline, improved
physical health and enhanced leadership skills.

To learn more about our Martial Arts for kids programs, you should access our free reports:

  • Help! My Child Needs More Confidence
  • How Can I Get My Child To Focus
  • Say Yes To Discipline
  • Keys To A Healthy Weight

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